About the Building

This project will be a milestone in sustainable design and lifestyle. Singles and couples living in large older detached homes are not sustainable. There are currently no options for them to downsize and reduce their carbon footprint available in the Exhibition Park neighbourhood.

This site, at the corner of Woolwich St. and Mont St., is walkable to all amenities downtown, many parks, open spaces and workplaces.


Design Criteria & Principles: Passive House, Net Zero, Building Biology

Sustainable lifestyle:

  • live/work units (reduced commuting)

  • ample roofed bicycle parking, carpooling, shared resources, bulk purchasing, small compact units, high ceilings and large southeast facing windows for sense of space and winter heat gain

  • individual room occupancy controls

  • flexible layout designed to age in place and readily modified for changing individual needs

  • barrier free accessibility

  • designed for low utility costs, affordable to residents on reduced incomes

  • eliminates the need to carry separate home and office

Criteria for healthy home and workplaces will be integrated with energy efficient systems and sustainable design.


Systems will be integrated: healthy with energy efficiency and sustainable design; selected for low maintenance, reduced consumption, on site renewable electrical generation, recycling and durability.


Healthy, natural locally-sourced low-maintenance materials and finishes, zero VOC, minimizing electromagnetic radiation, robust construction for long lasting performance.

Safe, Secure and Resilient:

  • non-combustible construction

  • water storage

  • emergency power

  • upgraded structural systems

  • enhanced insulation

  • emergency supplies

  • communication systems


Educational workshops, seminars and demonstrations will be made available to the community and during construction, workshops for builders, apprentices and construction trades are possible.

Conservation Measures:

  • Water: ultra low consumption toilets and faucets, rain water harvesting for toilet flushing, sanitary drain heat recovery, centralized water treatment, point of source water heating

  • Waste recovery: central sorting, interior storage area for municipal bins, composting on site, selected enhanced sorting of recyclable waste and storage of materials


Energy Efficiency

Energy systems: southeast orientation is ideal for passive solar heating and the presence of heritage designated stone cottages at 358 Woolwich and 12 Mont ensures that no future development will block sunlight. Overhangs and shading devices on the south side will be extended to provide summer shade and allow for winter solar gain, simple geometrical shape for reduced thermal envelope, roof slope optimum for solar gain, thermal storage mass, photovoltaic panels


  • Natural daylight in all rooms

  • LED and low voltage lighting with occupancy sensors, timers and photocells

  • Natural ventilation: operable windows on all sides to promote cross ventilation

  • Individual room control to adjust for occupant preferences and unoccupied spaces

  • Appliances will all be lower than Energy Star ratings

  • Electric car plug-ins will be available on site and car-share parking

  • Driveway surface is light coloured interlocking pavers to reduce solar heat gain and parking area at the rear for infiltration of surface water

  • Landscaping will be native drought resistant and selected for summer shading, vertical gardens and edible gardens